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KARA Plasma Cutting Machine


  • Thermostat for protection against overload & overcurrent
  • Twin filter drier
  • Output current display
  • Air pressure gauge

KARA Plasma Cutting Machine

Technical Specifications

  • Suitable for cutting in all metal industries with easy operation, high velocity and quality
  • Capability of cutting carbon steel with a 0.5mm-30mm thickness as well as aluminum and stainless steel with a 0.5mm-30mm thickness

Process Description

KARA Plasma Cutting uses a concentrated electrical arc which melts the material though a high temperature plasma beam. All the conductive metals such as carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum, copper, etc. can be cut. In this process, the work-pieces can be cut using ionization of gas and jet ions which are expanded with a high velocity from a very thin orifice. The contact of these ions with work-piece produces a high amount of heat causing the area to be melted. The plasma gases can be compressed air, Nitrogen, Oxygen or a mixture of Argon/Hydrogen. Since there is a 5-7 times increase in cutting velocity compared to Oxy-Fuel cutting, there will be less dead times (without pre-heating). Indeed, the high speed and no need to Oxy-Fuel, there a considerable reduction in the plasma cutting price compared to Oxy-Acetylene welding.


  1. Plasma cutting Machine 150 amp (air/water Cooled)
  2. Plasma cutting Machine 160 amp (air/water Cooled)
  3. Plasma cutting Machine 200 amp (air/water Cooled)


  1. Continuous current Control from 20 A to 160 A (thyristor control)
  2. Thigh work shifts for a long time cutting
  3. Thermostat for protection against overload & overcurrent
  4. Twin filter drier
  5. Output current display
  6. Air pressure gauge
  7. Possibility of being used with low air pressure
  8. Maximum Current limiter
  9. Tow eyelet for easy transportation

Accessories (If requested and ordered by customer)

  • Water circulate unit for plasma cutting water cooling systems
  • Plasma cutting torch (air/water Cooled)
  • Longitudinal cutting cart with capability of machined torch installation (optional)


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