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Wood CNC Machine


  • Engraving and cutting on wood or plastic. This allows you to make furniture and various souvenirs.
  • Turning three-dimensional parts from various composites.
  • Drawing drawings and patterns.
  • Instead of a cutting tool, you can install a laser. In this case, the burn operation will be available.

Wood CNC Machine

Nowadays, according to the progress of the wood industry, the use of wood CNC machines has become particularly popular to help manufacturers and increase productivity and work efficiency. Kara company has designed and built a 10-head CNC machine with the aim of getting the maximum efficiency in the minimum time. This machine has provided the possibility of turning 10 pieces of work at the same time. Another feature of this inlay machine is to make doors and headboards. Due to the high precision required in this work, all motion systems and power transmission, linear cabin and ball screw nut, so this device will provide the best performance. In this machine, 3kw-1000rpm servo motors are used to move the x,y,z,a axis (a axis is the rotation axis) and also a 3kw-18000rpm spindle is used for turning or inlaying.  

Figure 1 - General view of the device (mobility of the y axis)

Figure 2 - General view of the device (mobility of the y axis)


Figure 3-Overview of the device (lathe)

Figure 4- Simultaneous use of 10 head device


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